The Jack & Jill Sale is an event that benefits families in our community in so many ways - our consignors are able to earn money selling gently-used items that they are no longer using, our shoppers find clothing, gear and toys for their families at great prices, and donations made after the sale benefit some great organizations in our community. 

As a mother, it is a privilege to put this event on and meet so many families in the process! I worked a corporate job for many years and decided to stay home after the birth of my second daughter—that's when life really got busy. I now have three girls that are growing up way too quickly and are an incredible blessing to my husband and I. Finding a bargain is something I have always loved and become more passionate about since being home full-time. In early 2009 I launched and co-owned the Cute as a Button consignment sale and loved seeing how excited the community was about these events, and I mean really excited! In 2010 I decided to bring Jack & Jill to the North Puget Sound region and once again was met with an overwhelming response. Once you attend a sale you can't believe that you never did this before - it just makes sense!

I want this sale will be an event you look forward to every spring and fall, and bring new friends with you every time. My hope is that as many families as possible will benefit from these events!



Jack & Jill
Mom and Founder