Being a team member is fun and rewarding!

Team Members make the Jack & Jill sale a success for everyone and it's fun!
Working the sale allows you the opportunity to pre-shop the sale and get first selection on the items you are looking for. This is a fun experience and a great way to meet other moms in the community. Sign up below to be a part of the event! 

Are you interested in promoting the sale?

Let us know if you have the ability to promote the sale on a blog, social media group, in a family-friendly business, etc. and we can let you know what options we have available for you!

Barter Opportunities

We have a few opportunities where you can provide a gift card and receive entry to the private presale on Wednesday at 5pm. Sign up for one of these options and you can email a digital gift card to shopjackandjill@gmail. com. Barter opportunities earn a presale pass, but do not qualify for an extra consignor percentage.

Team Member registration opens: TBA


Please note: You may sign up for multiple shifts, but they cannot overlap. Please contact us if you have any scheduling questions. If you would like to work 4 shifts for the maximum consignor percentage of 80% you will need to get approval by contacting us. 

Team Member Benefits

  • Team Members have the opportunity to pre-shop the sale before consignors and the general public on Wednesday. 
  • Consignors who help out 4 hours receive an additional 10% on their sales (that's 70% total!) and shop at 5pm on Wednesday.
  • Consignors who help out 8 hours receive an additional 15% of their sales (that's 75% total!) and shop at 5pm on Wednesday.
  • Consignors who help out 12 hours receive an additional 15% of their sales (that's 75% total!) and shop at 4:30pm on Wednesday.
  • Consignors who help out 16 hours receive an additional 20% of their sales (that's 80% total!) and shop at 4:30pm on Wednesday.
  • Team Members get to sign up for the times that work best for their schedule.

Team Member Duties

  • Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you'll be on your feet and moving around quite a bit helping in your respective position.
  • It is important that each person show up on time and stay for their full shift, failure to do so will forfeit your additional 10% , 15% or 20%  in sales as a consignor.
  • We are unable to accommodate children during shifts, please arrange for childcare during this time.
  • Duties will include setting up, inspection of items, putting clothing and other items out on the sales floor, organizing and making sure merchandise is in it's proper place, greeting, cleaning up, etc.

If your schedule changes at the last minute, Jack & Jill will take into account special circumstances at our discretion.

  • Cancel or change your shift online as soon as possible. 
  • Notify us through email at
  • If you do not show up for, or complete, your shift you will be removed from the eligible team member list. 

Our Team Members make these events a huge success!

be a team member