• Sign up online and then start cleaning out those closets and totes of all the items you're no longer using (or never used). Then tag them using our online tagging system which allows you to print out bar coded tags at home.
  • We provide the venue, advertising and promotion to tell shoppers all about this great event. All you have to do is prepare your items for sale using our guidelines and drop them off at the designated drop off time.
  • You set the prices of your items and receive 60% of your total sales!
  • The first night of our sale is an exclusive pre-shopping event for our consignors. 
  • Our consignors may come back and pick up their unsold items after the sale, or choose to have them donated to a local organization that helps those in need.
  • Our consignors will receive a check or direct deposit for their sales within two weeks after the sale!

Registration for Returning Consignors opens: July 23 at 9am
Registration for New Consignors opens: July 25 at 9am

Drop Off Times: Tuesday, September 27 4:30-9pm and Wednesday, September 28 9am-2pm
Restocking Consignors drop off: Friday, September 30 5-7pm

Coming to the drop off appointment prepared will make things go smoothly. 

  • All of your clothing items must be on hangers, tagged, clean, wrinkle-free, and sorted by gender and size.
  • Shoes will need to be separated into one bag for girls, and one bag for boys
  • Books, games, and puzzles will need to be in boxes
  • Thoroughly read through the Guidelines to make sure all items are acceptable items

All consignors will need to schedule a drop off time by clicking on the button below:

Pick Up Time: Sunday, October 2 6:30-8pm

Once the sale is over we will sort the clothing for pick up time to make it easy for you to pick up any unsold items. It will be your responsibility to take any unsold items that were not designated as donations, any items left behind become the property of Jack & Jill and will be donated to charity. Please be prompt when arriving to retrieve any unsold items as we will need to have all pick ups completed by 8:00pm without exception.

Consignors who wish to pick up unsold items will need to schedule a pick up time by clicking on the button below:

Presale Shopping:   

  • ‚ÄčTeam Member Presale 1 is Wednesday, September 28 from 4:30-10pm
  • ‚ÄčTeam Member Presale 2 is Wednesday, September 28 from 5-10pm
  • Consignor Presale is Wednesday, September 28 from 6-10pm
  • Consignor Half Price Tag Presale is Saturday, October 1 from 4:30-6pm

Presale shopping requires a pass to be a part of the event. Consignors receive passes at drop off and new moms will need to bring their email confirmation. We ask that you do not bring strollers to the presale and find childcare as this is a very busy evening and quite crowded. 

How it Works: