Giving back to our community

After each sale we make generous donations on behalf of our consignors
to organizations that make an amazing impact on our community. Please consider
donating any unsold items as they will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.


WestSide Baby is a nonprofit organization that collects previously owned items for children and babies and distributes them free of charge to King County families in need. WestSide Baby partners with more than 120 established social service agencies and since opening in 2001, they have distributed over $16.5 million worth of clothing, diapers and safety gear to families in need. In 2015, they served almost 31,000 children! Learn more at

"I wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU this morning for including WestSide Baby in your sale donations!  There is an incredible buzz going on around the office today as our volunteers are unpacking all of the amazing donations!!  In our world, it feels amazing to be able to provide all of the requested items to the families we serve and your donations are making that possible!!" 

Sarah Schilz, Director of Programs
WestSide Baby

Diaper Drive 
There will be a collection bin out to gather donations of diapers, wipes, diaper ointment, shampoo, baby lotion, etc. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! Bring a donation on Friday morning and shop two hours earlier - get in at Noon!

giving back to our community