This is the one question that so many consignors have as they price their
items for the sale. Pricing is completely up to you as a consignor, just remember 
that we want you sell as many of your items as possible ... so price them to sell.
Items priced well, sell well!

  • Most clothing items sell for between 25-30% of their retail value since they are in great condition, and high end or boutique labels retain more value.
  • The larger equipment items in great condition hold their value and will sell for up to 50% of their retail value. These items are always in high demand, but price to sell. These include strollers, bouncers, furniture, exersaucers, car seats, bumbos, pack n plays, baby carriers, etc. 
  • Items that are "new with tags" or still in the box may sell for half their retail value.
  • All items must be priced in whole dollar increments (ie. $4.00, $7.00) with a minimum price of $2.00. 
  • Sunday is our Half Price Sale. You have the option of letting any items that have not sold up to this point be marked down to half price. If your item doesn't sell at full price there is a good chance it will sell for half price. But, if the original price isn't too high, then it will most likely sell at the original price. If you are marking any items for donation, we ask that  you also mark them to go half price as they are more likely to sell during the half price sale. 

This pricing guide from Consignment Mommies is a great place to start:

How much?