Welcome restocking Consignor

We are excited to offer  you the option to be a restocking consignor for our upcoming sale. In order to allow more consignors to participate we are adding this option as well as an extra shopping day. Restocking consignors bring larger items that sell quickly—baby equipment, furniture, gear, toys & games, furniture, strollers, etc. We will not be accepting any clothing or bedding during our restocking drop off time (Restocking Consignors can bring shoes). And, as usual, all items need to meet our guidelines. The items that you bring as a restocking consignor are the items that sell quickly during our presales and they are always in high demand. 

  • Restocking consignors do very well because they bring items that are in high demand and sell quickly.

  • Restocking consignors make a drop off appointment for Friday between 5:30-7pm, and will need to have all of their inventory entered into the system by: TBA. You can still print and tag your items once the system closes, but you won't be able to make any inventory changes after the system closes.

  • Restocking consignors get to shop the presale along with our regular consignors on Wednesday at 6pm, and help out to earn an extra percentage of sales too. You can pick up your two passes to the presale at the entrance (we'll have your name on a list).

Click here to check out our Facebook album to see the items that we'll be accepting for restocking!

Once you register you will have your personal account where you can input all of the items you'll be bringing to the sale. All consignors pay a non-refundable $15 consignor fee via Paypal to participate in the sale. During the online registration process you will be redirected to Paypal to pay your consignor fee, and then brought back to the registration page. 

NOTE: Once you make your payment in Paypal don't close the window, be sure to click on the link that brings you back to the Jack & Jill page. Closing the Paypal window won't allow you to complete the registration process.

By clicking one of the below buttons you are registering as a Restocking Consignor: