Would you like to make tagging go quickly? Then purchase one of our easy
to use tagging kits! For $15 (plus tax & shipping) you get a tagging gun and 1000 barbs. Or, you can order 1000 refill barbs for the tagging gun  you've already purchased—just $2 (plus tax & shipping). Simply purchase by clicking on the "Purchase Tagging Kit" button below and you can pay for your purchase through Paypal and have it shipped straight to you. Tagging kits are available only to registered consignors of the Jack & Jill Sale.

Deadline to purchase tagging kits: TBA

Using your tagging gun:

• Remember that the needle is very sharp, so keep it covered when not in use
• Plastic barbs simply load into the top of the gun
• Tags should only be attached to the sizing tag in clothing or through a seam—never just place 
  needle through the garment as it will damage the garment
• Poke the needle through the price tag and then through the area you're attaching the tag
  and squeeze the trigger
• Never use the tagging gun to attach items like shirts and pants to each other, the tagging gun
  is only for attaching tags to the items. You may use the tagging gun to attach items like a pair
  of gloves to each other if done properly so as not to damage them. 
• If improper use of the tagging gun has damaged an item we won't be able to accept it.

Watch this video for the proper way to use your tagging gun and barbs Click here

tagging kits