Toys & Equipment

Make sure that the stroller is extremely clean! Wipe it down and wash any removable fabric covers. If there are any extra attachments or a manual be sure to include that. If selling a travel system (stroller, infant carrier, etc.) make sure that the infant carrier meets our guidelines for car seats.

Car Seats
You must be the original owner of the car seat, be able to confirm it was never involved in an accident and it must not be more than three years old as verified by the manufacturer label on the car seat. Please make sure that the entire car seat has been cleaned any removable fabric covers washed. Car seat waiver can be obtained here.

Cribs and Nursery Furniture
Cribs will need to be assembled so that the prospective buyer can check it out and confirm that all the parts are present. If you are not able to have it assembled on site, please bring all parts neatly packaged with the manual. 

Baby Equipment
Must be in working condition with batteries if required and all attachments. Make sure that all components are clean and include the product manual if you have it. Consignor will need to assemble equipment on site, or bring it assembled.

Packaging Toys, Books and Puzzles
The best way to attach price tags to may of these items is with the blue painters tape so it doesn't damage any part of the item. Toys that have multiple pieces can be put in large Ziploc bag and puzzles can be wrapped in plastic wrap to keep them intact. If you have any original packaging that also helps the item to sell better.

Linens and Bedding
Any linens and bedding can be packaged in large Ziploc bags or rolled up and tied with a ribbon. 
If you have the original packaging that works great too!